Best Strainer for Milk Kefir

The best strainer for milk kefir is made of plastic and has a large enough mesh, else it will clog – see the pictures.

The strainer should be made out of plastic. Kefir milk is acidic and in combination with metal it can result in small electric charges. Some people say it may harm the kefir grains – I do not know, I only used plastic strainer so far.

Mesh Size
Finished milk kefir is viscous and not very liquid. The larger the mesh, the easier it is to strain it. However, the mesh must be small enough that none of the kefir grains slip through. Most grains are large and stick together. Smaller grains may detach, but they are still large enough to not fall through most meshes available for kitchen use. The mesh of a tea strainer is probably too small for straining the milk kefir efficiently – it will clog quickly. A larger strainer with a larger mesh will work better. A strainer with a diameter larger than 6 inch (15cm) should do it, but a bit larger is better.

Here is the strainer I use:

Kefir Grains in Strainer

Kefir Grains in Strainer

Milk Kefir Straining

Milk Kefir Straining

And below is the tea strainer that I tried to use at the beginning – it worked, but took me unnecessarily long. I had to keep shaking it, so the kefir milk would get through the mesh.

tea strainer

A tea strainer is too small for milk kefir

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  1. julie -

    I found the strainer you show here to be way too small holed to be of use. I bought one just like it and found that none of the curds could get through without a whole lot of work. I am using a plastic colander with small slits that allows the curds to come through in the straining. I am now shopping for a mini colander to make process easier.

  2. Tigger -

    Hi, thanks for the useful information. I’m struggling with the fine mesh strainer I have. Also, the item is a teA strainer. You know, as in straining teA. The drink. Tea. A cup of tea. Not “tee”.
    Good luck with your kefir.

  3. Antonio -

    Hi Tigger, thank you very much for your comment. I corrected my spelling mistake. Sorry for the delay.

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