Snorkeling at the Playa de Palma (Mallorca, Can Pastilla)

The Playa de Palma in Mallorca (Spain) is mostly a sandy beach. There is a rocky patch in Can Pastilla, which is a bit better for snorkeling – see the pictures below.

The best places for snorkeling on Mallorca are mostly on the east and west coast of the island and not near the Playa de Palma. The Playa de Palma is a sandy beach and does not have much to see for someone snorkeling.

But if you are at the Playa, why not go snorkeling there? I thought so, too. I looked for a rocky place, because I expect more of maritime life there and more fish.

The best place I have found is in Can Pastilla, which is about in the middle of the beach, right next to the airport.

Here are a two pictures of what it looks like:

rocky coast at Can Pastilla on the Playa de Palma (Mallorca, Spain)

algae and other sea plants, which can be seen when snorkeling

I was snorkeling in July 2016. The rocks are fully clustered with algea and other sea plants. Else there is not much life close to the coast. I did not swim out into the sea, but stayed close to the shore. I saw a few smaller fishes and even a fish with some yellow coloring.

Overall, if you want to do snorkeling at the Playa de Palma, then Can Pastilla is probably a bit better than the sandy beach. But also in Can Pastilla, there is not much to see, at least close to the coast. Maybe if you swim out into the ocean, you will see some more.

There are guided tours for snorkeling being offered at the Playa de Palma. They probably take you somewhere better by boat. It might be worthwhile taking them up on the offer.

Or go to one of the good bays for snorkeling on the east or west coast of the island.

Here are a few more pictures of Can Pastilla:

path along the coast in Can Pastilla (Playa de Palma, Mallorca, Spain)

coast Can Pastilla

rocky coast Can Pastilla

rocky coast

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